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Information in each content category summarized below is posted on website for you to view, download and bookmark minutes after the source makes it available, and at your option is also sent to you via email or text alert on a schedule you control. 

Daily information posted on the website remains available for 15 calendar days. Any item you bookmark, including filings in docketed proceedings, remains available until you remove the bookmark.


FCC Headlines

FCC News Releases posted throughout the day.

Daily Digest

A synopsis of FCC orders, news releases, speeches, public notices and all other FCC documents released around noon each business day. 

Late Releases

Documents released by the FCC throughout the afternoon following publication of the Daily Digest; most late releases also appear in the following day’s Daily Digest as addenda.

Docket Tracking: Select Dockets

Select the FCC dockets you wish to track to receive public filings in those dockets moments after their posting by the FCC in its Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS). 

Docket Tracking: View Filings

View, download and bookmark the individual public filings posted in the dockets you are tracking.

Federal Register

Daily FCC entries posted in the Federal Register, the official government publication for rules, proposed rules, announcements of filing deadlines for comments in FCC proceedings, effective dates of rules adopted by the FCC and other notices.

NTIA Headlines

News Releases of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the Executive Branch agency principally responsible for advising the President on telecommunications and information policy issues. 


You may bookmark any document link that appears on by selecting the Add to Bookmarks button displayed beneath the item. Each bookmark is saved with the content category to which it refers and all content category bookmarks are displayed together on the Bookmarks page for convenient scrolling.